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Upper Body Pull Cycle:
Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds between

High Pull: 5,5,5@135lbs
Chin ups: 6,5,3@b/w
Inverted Rows: 6,5,4@b/w
DB Rows 8,8,8@75lbs
DB Curls 5,3,2@40lb db's

Abs Cycle:
Repeat cycle 2 times, rest 90 seconds between

Hanging Knee Raises: 15,15
Reverse Crunch + Lift: 15,15
Medicine Ball Stir The Pot: 10,10
Cable Crunch 20,20,20@max

Muay Thai and BJJ tonight for the triple feature. Leaning out diet now, no more off season eating.
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