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Round 1 - Beltran gets a huge welcome from the crowd. Josh Rosenthal in charge of the fight. Miocic in the center. Beltran moving on the outside. Miocic looks relaxed as he jabs on the outside. Leg kicks traded. Beltran actually the busier fighter in terms of movement, but neither really striking just yet. Miocic ducks in for a single and gets one hook in when a kneeling Beltran exposes his back on a scramble. Beltran turns in and stands. Miocic presses in from the outside. Beltran punches the thigh. Halfway in, and Miocic pressing in. He pulls away when Beltran spins. They reset, and Miocic lands a crisp jab. Miocic not doing a ton, but it's a little more than Beltran. Crowd is now dead quiet in the moderately paced affair. Miocic scoring with nice kicks to the thigh, and his jab has bloodied Beltran's nose. Beltran walking in, but he's missing. gives the round to Miocic, 10-9.

Round 2 - Beltran busier to start, and he needs to be. He pushes the pace, but Miocic spins him to the floor. Miocic presses in and punches, but he can't do much. THe fight returns to the feet, and now it's Beltran who dumps Miocic. The crowd goes insane, but Miocic is quickly back up on his feet and pushing in against the cage. Back-and-forth action to open up. Miocic breaks and retreats, and Beltran pops him with a few crisp shots. But Miocic grabs a leg and easily spins Beltran to the floor yet again. Miocic sets up in half-mount, but Beltran scrambles free. Back on the feet, and both fighters look tired as they fire punches. Miocic does score with a crisp straight right. Beltran clinches up and looks for a trip. Instead, he spins off and presses in. Final minute of a round that could be decided here. Punches traded, and neither is really hurting the other. FLurry to close, but it's Miocic with the best shots. Fun finish, and Beltran looked better, but gives it to Miocic, 10-9.

Round 3 - Beltran looks to have a little bounce early, but Miocic returns with the leg kick and straight punches. Beltran still moving forward, but Miocic is up to the challenge. Miocic ducks in and picks a leg. Beltran doesn't spend much time on the deck, but he also has no room to work. They finally break away, and Beltran's nose is still gushing. Miocic eats a few stiff punches, but the pace of this fight has slowed. Beltran shoots in but hits the deck when Miocic defends. Beltran's takedowns haven't even been close tonight. Miocic moves into side control and knees the body as we're into the final minute. Left hands from the top also score, and Beltran looks like he's stuck. Miocic steps over into mount, then takes the back when Beltran rolls. Fight ends there, and sees a clean sweep for Miocic, 10-9 and 30-27. Stipe Miocic def. Joey Beltran via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).

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