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Oh hey I had a log? No friggin way? What is this dark magic? (Kidding of course)

So its been forever since I logged. Not that I didn't aim to. Twice in the past month I've written an entry, and erased it because I didn't feel like posting.

Currently, I'm coming out of a moving-from-place-to-place-like-some-nomadic-herder flux. Which has made getting all, or even half of the workouts I want in, in. BUt I have high hopes for the new place, its got tons of potential, and opportunities. So I'm content.

Workouts have been mostly padwork, a little technique work, but I need to do more. The long stretch of inactivity/irregularly timed activity has had its effects and I need to tighten things up a bit.

A few areas where I've noticed errors in need of improvement.
-I tend to drop my lead hand. When doing pads, when the ol' pad holder fella swings a counter, which I am to bob like some demented bobber (lol, its funny because its the same word), I bob like a sexy bitch, but my lead drops to waist level, I still snap punches from the waist, and my shoulder lifts to cover my tucked chin, its just bothersome to a small degree.
-I also tend to get a little off balance and overhandy as of late if I'm chaining 1,2's on the pads. A little more work on maintaining my center of balance and technical work will help to remove that flaw I think.
-I'm putting my weight too far forward whenI get into a power-punch heavy combo, I love the f*ck out of a cross, lead hook, rear hook, combo, but I get too heavy on my front foot when I throw it, which is a huge no-no.

That the stuff I plan to work on initially, there's plenty more, but a realistic goal like hey, lets not be an off balance ****tard would make things so much easier.

I need to get things set up in the new place to work my wrestling. I love the act of shooting for a takedown, and working a lateral drop, or throw/trip from the clinch, but I have to open up a little more space to be able to train it effectively in this new environ.

I also want to work on my finishing on the ground far more than currently. I was screwing around with my training partner a about a week ago, and landed an arm-triangle for the first time successfully. I have always wanted to land one, but always failed to sink it. And landing it reminded me, I f*cking love submitting people. Landing a flush hook, or cross is nice, but the feeling of a tap has almost no equal to me.

Beyond the JJ and wrestling, on the feet I want to work a lot harder on working various kicks into my combinations. I feel like over the past year I've become to boxery and rely too heavily on my hands and occasional leg kicks. I want to throw more front kicks, lots more side kicks, and maybe get the quickness down to be effective with a spinning back kick.

I fear that part of the problem was, as my principle training partner got better takedowns, I became less willing to go for broke with a big kick, because my JJ is not where it needs to be to sweep, and stand, or sweep at all (unless I'm in half guard, that's the easiest sweep for me).


As for my diet/weight. Weight is down. Diet is okay. Still eating too much processed food, but in the modern age, and on my budget, its pretty hard not to. As long as things continue the way they are, I should be getting aligned with where my goals are, hopefully by around spring (April) I'll be about 210-220 (with the proper disposition of musculature) and be able to start getting everything in order to get my first fight BEFORE this time next fall.

I think I've procrastinated enough over the past year.

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