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I still plan to stretch the wheelbase a little but not to the degree that I was wanting. Maybe 2-3 inches in the back and a 3-4 inch stretch in the front at most.

Stupidly I had abandoned the idea of competing in the stock class during mudraces in hopes of conquering the rocks but have since came to my senses. Mud racing is a load of fun unless you're getting you're ass kicked every time Being in the unlimited class due to wheelbase alterations would have killed the fun.

The new plan is to use this rig for nothing other than trails and the occasional mud pit while I build a dedicated rock crawler. I actually regret putting all this money into a lesser vehicle but I should be able to ring on it hard on the trails, steer deftly around obstacles, and occasionally best the big rigs on certain areas of our favorite wheeling spot without worry of breaking it. This is one of the most overbuilt trail rigs ever.

The most pressing issues while moving forward with this are a 4:1 lowrange kit for the Dana 300 transfer case and the need for new driveshafts. The rear driveshaft letting go the last time out makes me think I need new outputs for the transfer case that house bigger joints and different style caps for more rigidity. New outputs and custom length, heavy duty drivshafts will be about 400 a pair. I also need a new set of headers because the fenderwell exit ones will be smashed eventually and the spare set I had have rust holes in the tubes somehow. I made the mistake of buying cheap headers once and it never happened again. Every pair since has been at least 350 bucks and have very thick mounting surfaces as well as sturdy exhaust flanges. It's always worth it.

Not sure when the next update will come but hopefully sooner rather than later. If I can get excited about it again the whole swap could be done in a weekend since the big stretch is no longer needed. This thread will give me motivation though so I'll probably be back at it tomorrow. Once the power steering is swapped, the seats, steering column, and console are the only thing left aside from the axles and tires. The winch will need swapped too I guess along with the front bumper but it'll be much less troublesome than what I had planned.

Hope someone enjoys the read and maybe the updates will start coming more often
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