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Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
Let just say if it was a real disorder I would be one of the most serious cases of it. Certain games make me rage harder than others but UFC 2010 has to top the ******* list!

Runners up: MW2 and Black Ops, NHL GLITCH GOALS!, COD4 hackers, little kids on mics.

Seriously I could tell a million stories, its ****ed because outside of my xbox I am a super calm and patient person, but as soon as those turtle beaches and grab that controller... its a new person lol.
Same here. I'm a very easy going person in general. But when I'm losing to a damn machine I get very annoyed. It happened recently on my first try of FIFA 12. Previous versions I'd beat legendary impressively, but now I'm struggling on professional because of the new seemingly psychic AI. Played one night and threw the disc across the room. Thankfully it was fine, and I gave it to a friend. I only play people now as they aren't psychic

In the past I did break a telly. But to be fair I only tossed it in the direction of the tv (a pile of clothes next to the tv) and it hit the frame, causing the crystal display to leak.
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