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Originally Posted by Scromaster View Post
If your under 16 dont weight train, its bad for you.
If your over 16 then do it in the morning. A basic workout i used in the past was this.
The only concern someone that hasn't completed puberty has to worry themselves with is damaging epiphyseal plates, which isn't going to happen with casual weight training.

Originally Posted by Scromaster View Post
day 1
Incline Dumbbell Press, Flat dumbbell press, Dumbbell flys,3 different types of tricep extension, it varies for me, i like to keep it fresh, and lots and lots of dips. Then a core workout, and end with 2-5 mile run.

day 2
upright row, bent over row, lat pulldown, lat raises, rear deltoid machine, 3 of the many types of bicep workouts, then i do legs, Core 2-5 mile run.

rinse and repeat.
This sounds like a recipe for over-training or injury. Why would he want to do so many isolation exercises and variations for a single muscle?

Originally Posted by Scromaster View Post
I usually do this everyday and then go to fight training every night. Somedays like today im so damn tired though im not going to lift. So i basically use my weight training to supplement the fighting, not the other way around like many people do it.

Try to put 8-12 hours between fight training and weight training, and if your exhausted don' weight train one day to let your body recover, your body wont make good gains if you never give it a chance to recover.
Seen any mass or strength gains? 24-48 hour rest between exercising a muscle set, anything less and you'll see diminished returns in strength, size, and development.

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