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Originally Posted by smxweekly View Post
is it real that the more that you train on your legs the more power gets generated in your punches ? if yes tell me the right exercises to do !!!
Increasing your leg strength has some effect on your punching strength, but not a great deal. Punching has a greater effect on punching strength. The more you punch the better you become at punching- efficiency, strength, speed, etc. There's also a commonly held belief that some people are born with knock-out power, others aren't. According to that belief you can develop power but not as much as someone who has natural punching power.

Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
Like others said, you know why Pitchers in baseball run twice as many laps as anyone else on the team?!

Its because the stronger there legs the more they can put power into there throw, and of coarse A LOT of hips are put into it too thats why you see them lift there leg and twist all the way back.
Running doesn't improve leg strength, it actually has the opposite effect. The more you run the more efficient those muscles become, diminishing strength and size but also decreasing the requirements those muscles have to function allowing you to run longer distances. Also, running does not increase rotational strength or hip strength. A pitcher derives minimal force from the transfer of kinetic energy from the legs. The majority is derived from the torso and shoulder.

Originally Posted by lanelle View Post
I have seen several fights where a guy will punch another guy several times and the guy won't fall. Then there is other fight where a guy hits another guy and itís like he put him to sleep. Also I have seen some people with muscles and they donít knock out people.
This goes back to the idea that some people are born with punching power and others aren't.

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