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Training Timetable Advice

Hey guys,

This is my first post on MMA Forum.... So Hi

I have just had my first MMA lesson and about to do my second. I have never done any form or grappling/ wrestling before, however I have got about 15 years or Muay Thai and TKD experience... I just have not trained for about 18 months.

The gym I have joined do focused mma lessons, as well as bjj and muay thai so I am thinking about 2 mma lessons per week and 1 bjj and 1 muay thai. Once my body is back in training mode that is.

Thats about 8 hours per week, but my question is does the following timetable give my body recommended rest time? Obviously this is based on no injury.

Sunday - 2 hours muay thai
Monday - 2 hours of MMA
Tuesday - 2 hours of Bjj
Wednesday - 2 hours of MMA

The rest of the week is rest time. I would have preferred to break the lessons apart more but thats just how the timetable would work...

Is this too much over 4 straight days or not?

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