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Originally Posted by MMAnWEED View Post
This. I wish much of the mma community would appreciate Chael for what he's worth. He's an intelligent, well spoken guy who knows just how to market a fight. Why is that? Let me break it down:

There are typically two opinions surrounding Mr. Chael Sonnen.

1. The man is hilarious and he's got incredible talent to back it up. If he were to fight Silva again, he would win and then we get to hear more comedic gold from the new champion every time he defends his belt. - These guys don't miss a single PPV with chael on it.

2. This idiot isn't funny and he should really just go away. I can't stand him and I want someone just to shut him up once and for all. - These guys don't miss a single PPV with chael on it.

It's quite simple really and people still fall for it =]
That's not entirely true. There is a third category that I happen to be. Which kind of looks like this.

3. This idiot is a lying, cheating felon who is a black mark on the sport of mixed martial arts. I can't stand him and hope someone finally comes to there senses and cuts him. I won't buy a PPV with him on it because he literally represents everything I hate in people.

And, for the record, I am an American who hates Chael Sonnen with a fiery burning passion that is almost holy.

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