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Originally Posted by Divato View Post
He is the worst spokes person for the USA ever. In front of the whole world every time he fights he makes the United States look like a country full of assholes. Not to mention he is only 5-4 in the UFC. All of you morons that want to see Sonnen Silva II are stupid. Who wants to see someone lay on top of someone for 25 minutes and try to call himself a champion. Im not a diehard silva fan. But He finishes fights. 13 of his last 15 fights were finished. No one wants to see sonnen lay on top of him for 25 minutes and call himself a champion. If he could finish it would be dif. But he cant. Its a boring fight. He downplays others beliefs and countries. Basicly calling Brazilians Niggers. He hasnt beaten anyone. Another point. Is this idiot is trying to turn the UFC into ******* WWE. What a lose your contract match? Im pretty sure i seen that on every other episode of RAW when i was 13. If youre a sonnen fan. Youre a tool just like him. Chael talks about being a street fighter. I dont remember when the last time i saw a street fight go down with someone laying on top of the other one for 25 minutes praying that he isnt able to get up and kick the shit out of him. Street fights do not have a bell or time limit. If sonnen is a "street fighter" lets see him go 20 mins with Kimbo Slice in a backyard in Miami. As i bring up kimbo I add that Chael is Just as worthless as him. Chael is a joke just like all of his fans. All of you that follow this guy make the USA look dumb as hell.
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