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First BJJ Class.

Well today was interesting and fun. I found out I suck at rolling in a straight line so I'm going to have to work on that a ton to get it right.

After the warm up we worked on some throws from a rear choke and then once they are on the ground we did some ground technique.

It was a super beginner class so getting your knees up under their armpits and then your feet down under their thighs and when they try to push up to throw you off stick your feet in underneath and extend your hips to collapse their legs. Then we practiced staying on their back and in control while rolling back and forth from stomach to back and so on.

Next we learned the rear naked choke. First the instructor did it to us so we know what he feels like, etc. And then we just practiced in on each other for awhile.

After the BJJ class I did a few rounds on the heavy bad to work on my teeps and the hook technique from yesterday.

Another good day of training and I'm definitely getting a lot more comfortable.
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