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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
Pablo Garza was eliminated in the round to get into the house during the GSP/Koscheck season. He is now facing Dustin Poirer and a win makes him a top five FW in the world.

So in other words your knee jerk pearl clutchin' brow sweatin' flim flamery is premature.
This. The show is designed to hunt down potential, future stars... and from what I've seen, there is some serious raw talent this season. There's not been one boring fight thus far, and I see so much potential in some of these fighters, especially in regards to a division lacking depth. You're getting your panties in a twist far too early. Stars will be born of TUF 14.

Heck, we've not even seen every fighter perform. Far too early to be making these types of comments. Try and enjoy what has been one of the better seasons in years.
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