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Originally Posted by IronMan
Exactly. It's the same thing with kicks. If a kick misses then you are off balance for a little bit, but if you miss with a punch you can recover easily.

Knees and kicks require a lot of risk, though when they hit they do more damage. Elbows and forearms do alot of damage and are relatively easy to use whether in a clinch, on the ground or standing.

There is only one weapon that KOs people when they're in your guard and thats the elbows.
the versatility of elbows is amazing...when u understand the mechanics it becomes more than an offensive tool...u can intercept the incoming attack while using ur own attack...elbows are my fav weapon...amazing for defence, offence and anything...but u gots to be carefull not to expose urself after a failed attack....keep the weight on ur back leg and cover the hole immediately....

elbows can KO ppl too....knees are more powerfull...
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