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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I'm not a real geek but, I play one for old people and kids.

The first thing I might look at would be to open task manager and see if anything else is running. if it is, stop it and go to your start up folder and see what's in there. (it all starts whenever you start your computer.)

If that's not it go to device manager and see if any ? marks show up for device drivers.

If that aint it call a real geek
Yeah, I should check my drivers. Thanks!

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Do you play equally demanding games without these issues?

This could be as simple as a software configuration, such as a driver issue or the game not installing properly.

If you play games of equal graphics/strain and they play well, then it's not a problem with your laptop, it's a problem with software.

Do games of the same graphics/strain cause these same issues? If that's the case, either:

1. Your laptop isn't powerful enough to play (even though it says recommended)

2. A part(s) of your hardware are malfunctioning. Which part can be determined by doing a few tests, but I won't touch on those until I know if this is the case.

If I were you, I'd just start making sure my graphics drivers were updated, reinstall the game to make sure it wasn't an installation issue, etc.
Thanks M.C, I will do some driver checks and see if thats it.

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