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Solid couple workouts this past week. I'm still hovering around 2-3 a week, I would prefer to get that up to at least 4, but I can't complain really.

Started out with some stretching, I haven't done deep stretching to improve my flexability in a long while and I could tell, but once I got past the ol' ouchy it hurts like I'm being stabbed breaking point, it wasn't too bad, and I felt a lot better.

Did a lot of padwork, mostly improv, but I worked a couple specific combos:
jab-lead hook-cross-lead hook-rear uppercut
jab-jab-cross-lead uppercut-(Thai)clinch

Other than that it was mostly my training partner putting the pads in the proper position for me to do whatever combination he wanted to see. It felt solid, and was a rather high intensity session, so I had a good sweat goin.

Next came some rolling. It was more me working takedowns, and him defending, followed by rolling if I scored one. (4 for 5 takedown success rate yo!)

On a tangent: The fifthg and horribly failed takedown attempt was a clinch takedown attempt. I knew my partner had solid TDD, but homie blew my mind. I had a double-under body lock in the side position and first went for the back-trip the put down, which failed, then went for a front-trip (trying to put him down and take his back), which failed. I tried to suplex him (suplexing a 230lb man when you have the muscle mass of a MW, not as easy as I'd hoped. Next I tried to drive through and bowl him over. That was poorly concieved and I failed miserably. Finally, instead of working for another takedown I just latched on and threw all my body weight backwards. That failed, so I just kind of hung from his core confused, and laughing because I didn't know what else to do. The craziest part: He defended all of this by staying centered and low in a horse stance. F-you anti-traditionalists!

One one of the takedowns/rolling scrambles, he tried to stand and ended up turtling as I got an under-over grip from the back position. I dug one hook, and used my weight and momentum to roll him onto his back (with me in the back position still). I worked for the rear naked, and at the same time dug my foot under my opposing knee, trying to set up the body triangle. I felt like I'd sunk the rear naked and was trying to get him to tap, I arced my back and tightened the choke to either get him to tap or make him sleep (not the prefered outcome). I eventually gave up the sub, assuming I didn't have it sunk, since he was still struggling and I wasn't getting the tap. He rolled into the top position when I couldn't finish the body triangle, and ended up standing and we went back to one.

After we were done, he explained, I did have the choke sunk. He decided he didn't want to tap, and even though the world was getting fuzzy, he gutted it out (like a bau5).

Two things I took from this work:
1. The importance of the cornerman. Someone in my corner would have known the choke was deep and yelled for me to dig it in deeper.
2. I'm getting better that this "Jujitsu" thingy. Before I would have never thought of working for a body triangle, I would have been content with the hooks, and worked from there. Even though I failed, and lost the position, I was working for a stronger, more effective position, so it was worth the loss to me (in training, in competition, I might've gotten f*cked up for losing the position).

My diet is still improving, I've located the lost supplement bag (when I started moving) I threw all 7 (or 8) kinds of supplements into a bag, and lost it. Well, while unpacking today, I located it. Beyond that, I've been trying to keep my diet as clean and balanced as I can. Admittedly I had fast food once or twice this week, but I think it's an improving work in progress.

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