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Tue 10-11: MT was bag work and floor drills, and I tried to wrap my hands wherein you wrap every knuckle, and it was a fail. The Velcro on my hand wraps is going, anyway.
Wed: BJJ, guard breaks from de la Riva guard and a lot of guard passing drills, where everyone was very nice to me and didn't choke me out.
Thur: Judo. Small class, but a lot of 3-uchikomi-and-a-throw drills and butsugarigaiko and randori, so it was great.
Fri: open mat. There were a lot of painful tabata drills which I guess are very beneficial. I hope so b/c they hurt.
Sat: resting. Still trying to figure out if I can retain a judo membership at my current gym while paying $100/mth for MT/BJJ training at the new one. Another downside is that the new place has no treadmills, and I need to run, and am not a good outside runner.
Sun: rested. On rest days I still walk my dog the ordinary 2 miles or so in two walks, otherwise he suddenly goes plumb loco in the house, launches himself off the couch, leaps over things, etc.

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