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Originally Posted by mmaswe82 View Post
Regarding the tea discussion, I've been a big tea-drinker my whole life. Like I drink 4 or 5 cups every day. I started out with various kinds of black tea, and I won't lie there are some good ones. Then I switched to green and was on that for a while. Until I found roobios (red) tea. Man that has really changed my tea-drinking life. I now only drink red tea, trust me it's the shit. And far as I know it's even healthier than the green tea.

Xeb try switching your sleepytime tea to roobios, it goes well with the J, a mix I'm having right now as I write this
Good to hear! Rooibos tea is pretty amazing. Not as bitter as green and it's health properties are pretty amazing.

I'll always love and cherish black tea with milk and two sugars though. I drink around 4-5 cups of that a day. Make mine a Tetleys.

I man nod often. Being ignored when man nodding grinds my shit. If you're two good to respond to a man nod, you're not a man at all.

I'm normally out and about around 7am (now that it's getting light later, in the summer this was 5am) and walk my dog for a good 2 hours (weather permitting, if it's shit he gets an hour), and I see loads of working men. Ya know, builders, gas men, delivery men, and crossing guards. I have got past the man nod stage with a few of these, and it has progressed to 'morning boyo', or another term of manly endearment, such as 'mate, fella, man or buddy'. I also helped back in a lorry the other day without being told to **** off. Normally you have to reach the age of 40 to do this task.

“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”

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