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Hey guys,
I've fallen out with a regular update again...
I kept my workouts light after 10/2 due to a trip I was taking for re-enacting.

Thursday night before heading to bed I went to the hotel's mini gym and did a half hour of cardio work:
light stretching/yoga then onto treadmill.
I jacked up the treadmill to a dead sprint and went for 5 minutes, it ended up that I ran for a mile.
deeper stretching and some more yoga.
seated core press, flys, bench, curls, dips, at 100 pounds x 10 each.
there was a station for leg press or something similar did 5 presses at 100, 110 and 120 pounds.

The workout was fantastic for what I had available.

I took a trip to indiana for a battle re-enactment. Woke up at 7am friday-sunday to the sound of drums...
Each morning I did a set of 50 standing crunches pre breakfast and 50 more after. At breakfast had 3 bowls of steel cut oatmeal some rasins, dark rye bread, and bacon. Had 3 cups of coffee as well.

Friday morning around noon hour-long battle, had to take one of my green-tea pills to settle my stomach.

6 tin-cup fulls of water already at this point.

Lunch had two pork chops and some bread in the village and 2 large cups of lemonade.

the rest of friday was at leizure.

Saturday was the same as friday except there were two hour-long battles. Lunch had two bowls of tea, (I have a wooden bowl that probably has a capacity of 24oz at least)soup for this meal. Had a crossaint and roast beef sandwhich, some veggies and dip for dinner prior to a dance.

Sunday same as above two more hour long battles.

Over the last 6 weeks, I've been going about half an hour away with friends to an outdoor basketball court for 2-3 hours of games. I don't realize it but I am sprinting nearly the whole time so I figure my cardio is improving.

I found out at church today that men's basketball is starting again so I plan on adding that in as well. I will do basketball (cardio) mondays/tuesdays for some time now.

A friend from church offered to work with me on my weight conditioning. He says he has around a thousand pounds of free weights, a squat rack, bench,etc...He mentioned something about an old gas tank filled with cement that weighs around 100+ pounds that he has a cable attached to for a sled. I'll have to start waking early in the mornings if I want to work with him.

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