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Top of the page. You bitches better recognize.
Mon: interval bag drills, jump rope, pad work and other various stations for an hour, then worked more guard passes and how to get back in when you've stood up and somebody is flailing at you upkicking from the ground. I love gi grappling. I love it so much. I bet I'll love it even more when I finally get a proper JJ gi.
Tue: MT. The class had a lot of beginners like me, but we still worked.
Wed: rested
Thur: MT, we worked quite a bit harder. About 16-17 3 min rounds of jump rope, bag drills, partner pad work, shadowboxing. I had to put my shins on because I'm a wuss and was getting an egg on my left instep due to my lethal switch kicks on the bag.
Fri. rested. I worked a fair amount this week, I mean subbing work, and if I can get my sorry ass out of bed in time, I'll go to judo tomorrow.
Sat: Slept through judo. After 5 days of getting up earlier, which signifies some progress, I crashed and slept in Sat AM. No workout today, or tomorrow, except for lengthy dog walks. I guess that counts for a little. I am reconfiguring the coming week because due to volleyball (kids' last game followed by parent-child game where we get our asses handed to us) and school open house I can't do MT with Kru Mark, so I'm opening up a few mornings for MT conditioning and BJJ. I still feel conflicted about going to a gym with no treadmill. Running is still by far my favorite means of conditioning.
Sun: Sonofabitch.

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