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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Hmmm not sure I believe that...but then you seen quite well spoken and intelligent, and I don't see why you'd lie, so maybe you are.

FREEZING MY BALLS OFF. Holy crap it's cold.
Introduction to Western Philosophy class. We just finished the pre-Socratics (Thales and the like) up to Medieval philosophy (Aquinas the neoplatonist, etc.).

Assignment: Discuss the Epistemological debate in modern philosophy. Explain (in depth) both Rationalism and Empiricism, and discuss the foundations of those epistemologies in the philosophies of Descartes' methodological empiricism. What is the difference between a priori and a posteriori knowledge, and how do they relate to epistemology? What was the epistemological position of Kant, and how is it similar or different to previous theories? Can we know a thing in itself or can we only know our perception? What are the capabilities of the rational mind? Is there such a thing as innate knowledge?

Yes, yes it is cold.

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