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Originally Posted by lazyfighter View Post
Me yet again.
I just read something written by someone who Im guessing is an american football coach (I dont know though)

Now I know benching isnt exactly useless as he put it but it certainly raised a few points.
I dont intend to press my opponent off of me if he has me in side controll or mount.

So is using a fitness ball and pressing off of that a better alternative? Because it sure sounds like a good idea.
The author is pretty far from accurate. While some people use the bench press as nothing more than a vanity exercise or measure of strength, that isn't its' only function. The bench press is a compound exercise, meaning if properly executed it has the unique ability of targeting multiple muscle groups at once. Your body responds differently to a heavy compound exercise than an isolation exercise (bicep curl/pec fly); increase in bone density, increase in joint strength, increase in HGH/testosterone synthesis. I would suggest creating a work-out plan that incorporates basic compound exercises (bench, deadlifts, squats, chin-ups) with stability exercises like bosu ball push-ups.

I personally have weeks in which workouts are comprised primarily of compound, traditional exercises with an emphasis on fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment (heavy lifts- 5x5). Some weeks I'll lighten the load and throw in stability exercises with some isolation work. Occasionally I will lighten my lifts, shorten my rest time between sets, and target my endurance levels with higher reps.

So... I guess to summarize I'd suggest some variety. That isn't to say you should do a different workout every time you hit the gym, but add some variety to your exercises for the best results. Don't discount traditional lifts in favor of stability/balance oriented exercises, and vice versa.

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