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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
She's tough. Xeb would have had me at hello.
Well that's gonna save me from drugging you later

I hate the fact that some women are put off by men just because of past experiences, they haven't even met me yet

Originally Posted by G_Land View Post
Gotta love the cologne peddlers. They always try so hard. I remember the "Cologne girls" That would come through the Barracks trying to trick us into buying the crappy knock off stuff. It would smell great for like 5 mins but thats all they would need haha. But after that it smelled like shit and shame!!!
She came hard and fast. Fantastic opener though the typical "how are you?" it's innocent and you could ask your mom that but with the response I said "alright or okay" etc something like that right? Follow up with "really? just "insert what you just said"" great segway from intro to flirting IMO. Oh and the cologne she sprayed on me is all but gone and faded so quick.

Originally Posted by LizaG View Post
Thanks, the real kick in the teeth is my Mum announced two days ago that she has terminal cancer of the Liver and has to go into hospice care within weeks, maybe months if we stretch it out and she can take it.

Yesterday I had to sign forms to become the legal Guardian for my 3 sisters.

So what became coming home for a funeral is now a case of my packing my stuff and moving back home and taking on a family....speechless to say the least and inconsolable.... forgive me if i'm not positive or happy right now and don't post much.... right?
Jesus that sounds so rough. Sorry for your loss and events unfolding in your life.

My father and I aren't the closest, but it would still be hard. If you ever need to talk feel free to PM

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