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Couple workouts in the past five days. Oone was kinda mehg and not worth detailing, but one I felt may have been the best workout in a long, long while.

Started with some meh focus mitt stuff. More just working a couple basic combs to warm up/not get lazy with the basics.

Next was some stuff on the thai pads. Worked on throwing knees at the end of combinations. Felt like solid stuff. The only thing I can take from it that was negative was, when I'd throw the lead knee, it wasn't leaning backwards/treating it as a counter. I was more, shuffle stepping/jumping forward with the back leg and throwing it as more of a flying knee. Which I'm okay with, but would've prefered to work on the counter knee as much as/more than the offensive knee.

Next, worked a lot of improv combinations which felt good (tiring, failishly) but good. Did a lot of work with leg kicks/countering off the leg kick and movement.

Finished the pads with machine gun kicks.

Next did some rolling. Worked mostly just positional control, GnP, and advancing position to begin with. Going for subs if the opportunity presented itself, but working mostly to gain/maintain dominant positions, or escaping from disadvantageous positions.

Landed a lot of sweeps. I felt like me landing these were a combination of a lot of factors. 1. I think I'm a little stronger than when I rolled more often previously 2. I'm a decent bit lighter, and 3. My training partner was somewhat rusty, as I was.

I think the biggest thing I noticed was that I was able to get the finish (once the blood started flowing and I was in the mix) with the arm triangle. As I've said before, I was having so much difficulty finishing with the arm triangle, and I managed to lock it up tight. I think I might have been slightly off of ideal position, because I could hear a lot of difficulty breathing, and significantly less loss-of-consciousness related sounds. I was more on the windpipe with the heaviest pressure than the artieries. Which is a minute problem, but one I noticed.

Finished the workout with technical stuff, i.e. defending the back take, taking the back, evading submissions, countering submissions and positional changes. Felt good with my JJ, I can feel it getting better, as is my wrestling.

I want to be good at the whole shebang, but preference plays a big part in how a fighter fights. Some guys are good all around, but love the technical side of the stand up, others like to stand and bang. Some like to grind their opponent down, and feel their will break, others like to feel the tap.

I feel like I want good technical kickboxing and MT, but I honestly really regret not trying to wrestle or something in high school because dominant groundwork (WITH A FINISH FFS!!!) really feel like it might be my home.

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