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Round 1: Clinched against the cage. Kinda some snap on a jab from Marrero that whiffs. Back to the fence. Have you ever seen seals fighting for a small rock or a bouy and trying to push each other into the water. It looks a lot like that. Barrett keps rubbing his eye. Eventually drags Marrero to the mat with less than 30 left. Not much happens then the round ends.

Round 2: Slow start then rock 'em sock 'em exchange. The kind that makes both look bad. A little clinch then back to the cage. It's hard to call this clinch work because it's insulting to good clinch fighters. It's more of a hug that's just a little rougher than you'd be comfortable with. Marrero leads with his head really bad on a right hand, not sure if he's bad or looking to foul. Gets tagged a few times by Barrett, pushed to the cage and kneed in the balls. Just what this fight needed. I truly admire Schaivello's ability to call techniques even when excecuted this poorly. Then they go full Frye vs. Takayama but without committing to the punches like a bad hockey fight. Excitement over. Both dudes are gassed. More hugging against the cage, more arm punches, bell sounds.

Round 3: The seals are back and clearly have blood in their shoulder equivolents. Nothing but weak flipper punches. And they start rough hugging against the fence, but it's getting gentler. Soon to be a bro-hug? HDNET dude had his camera sideways, which is more interesting than the "action" here. Both have their flippers low and chin high. More hugging. Fight ends and they hug again, presumably as a tribute to the lack of action they just had.

Official Result: Carmello Anthony Marrero by Unanimous Decision

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