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Mon: 3 min rounds of: mat jog, jump rope, GnP on a bag on the ground, standup including clinch work, totaling about 45 minutes, then BJJ, where I learned the Mur shoulder lock. I'm told this probably arises from his fight with Pete Williams, which I didn't know, and another sweep from spider guard. I asked to go over flower sweep next time as I think it's taught to most BJJ beginners, and I've drilled it once and don't remember it. Also worked on swinging my arm around my back so I don't screw up tornado roll quite so badly. I guess I'm a bad mom, but I so don't want to miss MT tomorrow for the volleyball thing.
Tue: went in the AM, instructor was doing some insane interval plyo drill on his laptop so I was the only other one, so I did about 30 min mat jog/jump rope intervals, then we worked some nogi stuff; a kimura/guillotine series and two armbars. I particularly loved the trapping the arm just below the theoretical glove and pushing hard on their head with your other hand to get you in a better position for the armbar.
Wed: AM was various block/counter drills, then some sparring. Thank Saraswathi I wore my mouth guard. I didn't do my party trick of leading with my face, but I dropped my hands a lot and I'm just lucky my partner had good control. PM was the customary guard passes, two reversals from deep half/butt floss, then live rolling. I always learn the most when I roll live. One of my partners was new, about 15 yrs old or so, and he wasn't accustomed to ppl drilling the inside of his leg with their pointy elbow. He was all "OW OW OW" and I said, that's how I break guard, ese! Great class.
Thur: muay thai
Fri: rested
Sat: judo, but a short class because we went out to celebrate our program's first black belt. My instructor got promoted to nidan last year, so now he can promote ppl to black belt.
Sun: rested

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