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FF7 is amazing, not surprised you're playing it again. I've beaten it like 10 times.

This time, remember to level up an ALL materia ASAP so you can sell it for a million, to fund all of your chocobo breeding so that you can level up Knights of the Round, that way you can take on the weapons.

Not sure if you knew that/did that, but if you beat ultimate weapon (the flying black dragon thing) late in the game, he gives you Cloud's ultimate weapon, and there are still 2 more weapons, Emerald and Ruby. One under the ocean, one in the sand near Gold Suacer. Emerald and Ruby are the two hardest bosses in this game, by far, they dwarf Sephiroth and make him look like a child boss fight.

Oh, and, Crisis Core is a good game. It gives some more info on Zack/Cloud/Sephiroth's relationships and the ending is emotional.
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