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Things have gone semi good since I posted last.
I've been working on the punch drills lighter this time around.

I am doing 5 of the 3-minute rounds instead of going to failure right now.

Light circuit lifts back to 120 pounds.

Saturday morning the 22nd I felt like crap and picked up a bottle of NyQuil, I slept through most of that day, woke up took some more, and slept through sunday and monday. I figured I'd recover while I had the time off.

I am feeling vastly better today. I decided to find my max deadlift. It is low right now but my max is 185 pounds.
I did 5x5 at 165 and 3x3 at 185 today.

I have a lifting belt, I strapped it on for these lifts and attempted a dual arm curl (kneeling) with it on at 185 but I couldn't budge the weight.

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