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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
G or Rusty PM me if you need a link to watch it.

One of my favorites...the first 20 minutes shows the main character working at the hospital coming home seeing the little girl on the roller skates, showers with her husband then flashes from dusk to dawn. Enter the little girl again in the bedroom...and all hell breaks loose. Hoped they were planning another sequel as they left the ending to interpretation, but most likely they did not survive as the entire world is zombified and they have no where to go.

Top Zombie movies to watch.

Dead Snow
28 Days Later - this is the first of the movies that made zombies berserkers rather than the slow walkers
28 Weeks Later
Planet Terror
Land Of The Dead
Versus (If you like Asian martial arts flicks intertwined with zombies...lolz!)
Shaun Of The Dead

I Am Legend (Zombie/Vampire)
Stakeland (Vampire)

Walking Dead is insanely wicked! If you havn't seen the webepisodes it explains the origin of the "bicycle zombie." This is one of the first that shows the decomposition process of a zombie. You guys are probably wondering how or why I've watched all of these...lolz! I'm producing a halloween party with a zombie theme so I've literally been on a zombie marathon although I happen to like the genre quite a bit.

Episode 1...there's six in total. Just click on the rest after the episode ends.

How could you skip Zombie Strippers? Seriously though I have never seen Dead Snow but I love Zombie movies so I now will.

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