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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
It's not misleading, though.

Dragons attacking villages (they do in the game) and one of the major aspects of the game is your character fighting them.

It's just done with real people rather than in-game footage, of which there are countless videos, so it's something new/different, as they've already shown pretty much as much as a company can show of their game pre-release.
The fact that it's real people is why I think that a) to some is it misleading. some folks are that oblivious and b) it's pointless unless one is so hungry for the game that they want to experience anything even tangentially related, which I suppose there is an audience for. I guess I read the Dead Space comics which isn't much different, but this came across as more of a commercial to me though. Like the ones they used to do for FF7 on tv that showed no actual in-engine footage.

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