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Monday: BJJ

In class on Monday we worked on defense from closed guard. Either getting your opponent to close so they can't generate enough power to knock you out or getting them far enough away so they can't hit you.

After that we worked on several different sweeps starting from closed guard if your opponent stood up.

Tuesday: Muay Thai and Strength&Conditioning

In MT class we worked on getting into and out of the clinch and also throwing knees to the body and face.

In S&C we did some HIIT work. One station you had to bear crawl up, over, and away from a 4x4 piece of lumber. Another you had to vault over a 3-4ft high box. The last one was the "giant piece of rope" held by two people and you had to try and whip it out of the other persons hands. It was pretty intense for the first part you had to do two one minute sets at each station continuously without a break. After that we got a 1 minute break and this is when 2 kids puked. Then we had to repeat with 2 30second sets at each station continuously with no break.

It was a pretty hard day of training but awesome.

Tonight is BJJ no-gi!
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