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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Well alot of people dont know this secret BUT and dont tell this to anyone ok?? Ifff and only if you are a customer then you are always right! Amazing isnt it?? For some weird reason being a customer gives you this power to command the employees of a store. Its crazy!! I still have no figured out where this mystical power comes from but one day il figure it out and steal it! then il have it alll to myself.
So if I go to McDonalds and tell them I want a MacGyver they will get me one?

True that.
2 discussions i try to avoid with people is Religion or Politics. They never ever lead anywhere good because its mostly based on opinion. And since everyone thinks their opinion is correct they are going to throw out arguments that are opinions but masquerade as facts and so forth and so forth until eventually you need to be restraint and apologize the next day for being stupid.
I used to work at a restaurant and we would literally be screaming in the back when talking about politics. And all the customers could hear us but when we walked through the door to the main lobby we would just put on a smile and pretend nothing happened in the back lol.
The problem with me and these debates is that I'm a cynic. So normal people will definitely feel like I'm an ass from the very beginning.

Kinda like that:

Good night, folks. I'm gonna watch some Futurama before I go to sleep.

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