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Originally Posted by Thales View Post
When I'm cutting I'll use NOXplode 2.0, HemoRage Ultra Concentrate, or even Superpump Max. When I'm bulking I like a slow digesting protein and -maybe- a scoop of NOXplode if I'm running low on sleep. I'll probably pick up another tub of NOXplode this weekend.

Also, interesting observation;
NOXplode+Sealed Container+Shaking=YESXplode.
I love the stuff, it's always a huge boost. But I try and avoid creatine on a cut all together. I know a lot of people use it during a cut, but I've had mixed results in the past. I basically just clean my diet, caffeine supplement, Megamen vita pack, fish oil whey/casein and that's it.

What do you think about jack3d?

Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
Great thing about Denmark is Halloween isn't that big over here Some people do make pumpkins and all that
noise, but it's mainly a Christian holiday, which noone really celebrates
Where I come from it's a holiday where girls can dress overly slutty (without concern, it's just a Halloween costume after all ;D ) and imbibe alcohol. And if you happen to meet a lady who turns out to be ugly you can always suggest you both wear masks. This holiday can be kind of christiany, but that's no reason not to enjoy some debauchery in it's name

Question about parlay bets, if you miss a few of your picks do you still get a payout?

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