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Originally Posted by Mckeever View Post
Arkham city = meh?!!!!!!!!
A big meh. Ive just sent it back after playing for about 3 hours. Nice concept and that, just not very exciting to play. End of the day, I was bored.

Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy View Post
Take off traction control, rewind, and the braking line, drive manual, and make it to season 5 in world tour.

We'll see how easy it is.
Ahhh Mr Smartarse... I never play racing games with any driving aids on. In fact, I only ever play manual... so there goes your theory.

This game is VERY easy compared to previous Forzas. With all aids off, on high difficulty, it is so much more forgiving. Tiny mistakes that would feck up your whole race now only lose you a second or two. Forza was the last true racing simulator left and they've gone and pissed all over it with arcadey gayness.

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