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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
People have the misconception that the end of this chart signifies the mayan prediction for the end of the world. Thats not accurate. My main point is that every doomsday prediction that has ever been imagined by man has been bullshit (obviously). If I was going to have to place a bet on who would have the best guess, it wouldnt be some primitive, extinct civilization that worshipped make believe gods and goddesses and sacrificed other people to appease these make believe buddies. People get worried about these doomsday predictions and dont actually do any research. The same people that seem to think nostradamus (probably the wrong selling) was some kind of prophet generally arent aware that the guy made a whole shit load of extremely vague predictions that are wide open for interpretation.
so what happen just over 3000 years ago then, do you believe in evolution during that time, that just 3000 years ago humans began to surge into global population for the very first time?

Just look at the planet mate, this planet has been hit time and time again, in fact if you take away the water the earth is just one big fuked up mess, the water hides a lot of it, but the earth is far from round. and other plants in our solar system have also had it just as bad, Mars for example had it so bad that evidence shows that it lost the ability to suuport life.

Its safe to say that some of those collisions wiped out populations before is it not, who is to say that it wont happen again, when in fact any astronomer will tell you that in fact chances are huge that it will happen again.

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