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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
depends how you look at it, maybe the the Mayans where not predicting the future but instead only charting there own star path, but the path they charted when creation there calender is a cycle which is on a repeat course to which we are now approaching the end of that cycle.

We will now come december next year if in fact Nibru does exist or not, which marks the end of the calender, it should be visible to us by then, what effect been so close to the tenth planet or planet X will have on the earth is anybodys guess but ether way come the end of next year we will know for sure.
And what is going to happen is someone is going to see the slightest thing in the sky and claim it is nibru and people are going to go nuts.

I fear December 2012 not because it may be the end of the world but because of the civil unrest that will result in the belief.

Also according to my first post the calendar ends tomorrow

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