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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
And what is going to happen is someone is going to see the slightest thing in the sky and claim it is nibru and people are going to go nuts.

I fear December 2012 not because it may be the end of the world but because of the civil unrest that will result in the belief.

Also according to my first post the calendar ends tomorrow
Again someone else who tried to give it an exact date taking concern away from the main issue been the time period between Oct 2011 and December 2012/

Welcomes to the danger zone we face between now and then, comet Elenin passed us by just days ago, now YU55 is approaching fast and will ether hit or not hit tomorrow, and the fun has only just begun, who knows what other dangers are going to be hit or miss during this legendary area of space we have now entered, we already have our next hit or miss event patched up for the 8th of November there coming hard and fast, dam at this rate we will be lucky to make it through the year never mind to the end of next,.

But what can anyone do about it, seriously you cant stop the path of the galaxy all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

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