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Originally Posted by LightweightFighter
Hello fellow comrads, I have a problem. The problem is I have been weight lifting and probably with bad form so now resulting in my bearable but yet annoying lower back pain. When I try to use my hips to strike my heavy bag, I can't use full force otherwise it will hurt and it also aches throughout the day but more so when I start my daily weight lifting. I was wondering if any of you know about if hard beds or otherwise "the ground" is better for your back because I heard it could straighten it out. If it does, then I will start sleeping on the ground to help heal my back if it doesn't turn out to be anything serious. I have tried googling but all that came up was bed for sales or bed good for your back.

Also after this experience, I know I will need to get to a gym as so I won't make the same mistakes but money is an issue so I was wondering how much does a gym usually go for and at what age can you join. I am 16 by the way.

And just because I don't want to double thread, is it ok if instead of sprinting and joggin for my cardio, can I do say 30 minutes of jumping ropes instead? I think its really useful because after jumping rope for abour 20 minutes, the next day my calves were aching like crazy.

one reason for ur back pain may be that u weight train everyday! even if ur doing a three day split or something, ur back never gets a rest! try just taking a few days off.

just while im on the subject, A LOT OF U SEEM TO OVER TRAIN! while i personally believe u cant over train ur tecnique - you can definately over train MUSCLE.
to maintain maximal muscle growth;
train to a high intensity, 3 or 4 compound exercises to cover all muscle groups, (push, pull & legs) eg. bench press, bent over row & deadlifts
rest for 4 to 7 days, this is important as u have to give ur muscles time to heal, not just back to the way they were, but to become stronger
stretch, straight after your workout, and as much as u want on other days (just remember to warm up 1st)
dont stretch before ur workout (u wont be able to lift as much therefore u wont be able to grow as much)
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