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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
YU55 may miss but my point is that the galaxy its self has now entered a Asteroid hot zone so Elenin and YU55 may just be the first of many close calls over the next year, who is to say that the next one will miss?

Space is not widely covered in terms of what we have discovered about it, the area even with our own galaxy is so massive that we only have discovered a very small portion of it, we don't have it covered not even close, in fact its less than 1% covered so the odds are if there was a strike we woudl know little about it until it was in our own atmosphere.

Scientists have disagreed on may subject forever, so to think they have the universe all figured out is ridiculous, the universe and space is still a very big mystery, the subject comes more down to belief than it does science, besides I bet you could Scientists to say they think the world will end sometime over the next year and ones who don't think it will, easy to ignore the ones with the bad news I guess.

Fact is many ascent civilisations went to a lot of trouble to warn us of this period so ether you believe it is a danger zone the galaxy has now entered or you don't, fact is we have been here less than a month and already 2 asteroid with the power to wipe us out have already passed us by at close range, is over a year to go in this zone according to what we have been told from the past, so maybe more is to come who knows, these are exciting times dam if ever there was a time to live life on the edge now is the time, not much we can do to save ourself and if you think that should the worse happen someone is going to come save you then you are fuking kidding yourself so its up to you what you do or what you want to believe during this time, but me I just want to ride the storm baby and watch the greatest show on earth and lay witness with my dying breath to the true power of nature.
I never said Scientists have the whole universe figured out, and no scientist ever in the history of science has ever said they have the whole universe figured out.

What they have figured out and have been able to do, however, is track asteroids years in advance before they come near us. They've been doing this for many years now. They have the capability, and have shown to be able to multiple times without fail, to track asteroids years before they even come into range. Scientists have already tracked, keep this in mind, already tracked all the asteroids that could even possibly, maybe, somehow someway somewhat come close to Earth in 2012, and there are none that are going to hit. Not a single one.

Scientists have disagreed on subjects? Obviously. That's what science is, trial and error, test, test, test, debate debate, test more, test more, debate more debate more, until you find out what the actual, real answer is. Without people disagreeing, it would be a religion and indeed an ancient civilization belief, fake and false. No one is disagreeing on asteroids hitting Earth, however, as I already said, it's already been tracked and it's over, we know what's coming in 2012, the same way we knew YU55 was coming back in 2005, and where it would come, which direction, and how close it would be.

Ancient civilizations thought that the sun was taken away at night by the sky God. Ancient civilizations thought that disease and illness was caused by demonic possession. Ancient civilizations thought earthquakes were the direct result of rock gods. Ancient civilizations thought wind was a god. Ancient civilizations thought that curses and spells were real and were a viable way to kill someone. Ancient civilizations used to kill females because they thought they were witches. Ancient civilizations thought that undead armies existed. Ancient civilizations thought that the earth was being held up by a giant. Ancient civilizations thought that the ocean was directly controlled by a god. Ancient civilizations thought that cats were holy animals. Ancient civilizations thought that only sacrificing a virgin to their god would bring rain.

Do I believe that an ancient civilization knows when the world is going to end? Not a chance in this lifetime or any lifetime would I even consider taking anything from an ancient civilization serious. I'd believe in Bigfoot and unicorns before I'd believe in any sort of ancient doomsday prediction, and when 2012 passes and we're all sitting here as normal like we've done with thousands of other "end time" predictions, another one will no doubt show up and we'll let that one pass as well.
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