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Another week.

Originally a had 3 workouts planned for this week. But due to party-recovery, and a shoulder injury on my training partner's part, it ended up being only one. Fail, but the workout itself was pretty damn good.

Started out with some grappling. Started on the bottom, parter in side control. Worked a bit, moved back to guard. He stood up (and mimicked the ol' look at this buttskooter fans thing with his arms) had a good laugh and went back to it. This time I was on top, initially landed in half guard off the takedown, but only just, he was turned into me but I kept my base low and flattened him out. Freed my leg and got into side control where I worked some (very) light contact GnP to the head and ribs/core. Spent almost the entire round here working, but my training partner hit a sweep and scrambled to his feet, I locked up his legs and tried first a trip into side control (to my right), then a drop into half guard (to my left). The drop failed massively, and I ended up mounted. Must work on that!!!!

After the rolling moved onto some ball bustingly high paced Thai-pad stuff. Treated it like an actual fight, mixing it up, countering, sprawling, clinching the whole shebang was improv. Felt really good (in hindsight) and felt surprisingly real. I have a tendancy when on the pads to drop my hands between combos and reset, in this case that wasn't the case. I kept my hands up my chin down, and my feet centered and moving. Maybe it was the unexpectedness or something else, but it was a great session. 3x3 rounds so nothing lengthwise to really write home about, but it was intense and fun.

After the 3x3 worked mostly on technical stuff with the focus mitts. Only ended up working one combination I want to be better at. It is the R. Uppercut-L. Hook-R. Hook-Cross. The biggest thing I wanted to work on was my head movement, fluidity and keeping my dukes high during the combination, I tend to cock punches back when I throw repeated power punches. I felt improvements in the head movement, and in keeping my hands up, but the fluidity is still a problem with that combination.

For my diet, its been decently solid. Ate pizza today, and once about 6 days ago. But outside those blemishes its been pretty solid, taking a couple vitamin supplements, but other than that no serious protein supplements, but have started trying the OxyElite Pro (thermogenic) I keep hearing about, seems to be working, will revealuate when I finish the bottle.

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