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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Liver has moved to defcon 2. Anticipation as to the events to come..

Been there, done that, got the booty shorts, waaayyyy ahead of you. I must tell you that "oh my champ liver is on the job again" is a hard right to yawnville for most people reading this thread, no matter who posts it.

Just rewatched 30 Days of Night and locating my gi for what will likely be my last judo class tomorrow. I've wanted to train MT and BJJ concurrently for years, and a gym finally opened earlier this month that trains both. I love judo, but I've waited so long to train MT/BJJ.

I don't plan on telling anyone; I just plan on disappearing from that dojo. I've had enough of the owner's ass-kissing and emotional outbursts, selective enforcement of posted policy and point karate obsession. He's certainly very knowledgeable, but I want a gym where the focus is a very aggressive striking art and BJJ, not sport karate. I've sought and chased MT/BJJ training for too long not to take advantage of this new opportunity.

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