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I get my blood tested twice a year and I take the necessary vitamins and supplements already, but I bought one bottle of 30 pills purely for the dreams about 2 months ago and it did everything Joe said it would do. I wasn't and am not looking for clearer thought because I feel like I get that with my current regimen. Incredibly lucid, deconstructable dreams was all I was looking for, and as someone who regularly practices lucid dreaming it had an immediate effect on my dreams. (I took them with a late dinner instead of in the morning which is suggested)

It comes in a sweet ass box and bottle which made me happy to spend the extra cash. I will probably buy more some time, but not until I buy some Ability Fight Wear shorts!

To be honest though, I think it will be more of a 2, MAYBE 3 bottles a year thing for me, definitely not a regular thing. I feel like I already have a great balance of vitamins, BUT, I could see it being an awesome stocking stuffer! But if you have the cash and don't mind ordering it online, for what it's worth I would recommend experimenting with it. Placibo or not, it worked on me

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