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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I would much rather vote for Angela Merkel.

If I were eligible and forced to vote for a Republican nominee it would either be Paul or Romney. I think they are both capable in their own way of working with others to actually improve our situation.

The others are only interested in preaching to their choir.

While I am very disappointed with our current President, that is nothing like the level of revulsion I had for his predecessor. I couldn't imagine voting for any republican other than Paul or Romney.
You know, I understand fully the frustration about the economical crises right now and I also understand that the Blame will lay on president Obama.

But this isn't an American crises only. The entire world is struggling and now is the time where the American citizen and the European citizen and politician have to one together and stand by each other.

What the republicans are doing is is only to hate on the Obama administration but They forget, that president bush left him what that mess and leaders before that of course.

Obama is such a capable leader and really all I can hope for is that the American citizen stand by him and that they realize what a great leader they have with him.

If I could vote, I would give him my vote again. He makes me like America again. I'm proud of your country again and I look up to this intelligent human being who really cares about its citizen again. I look up to this man and I couldn't ask for a better world leader

Yes you can debate his decisions I certainly don't agree with all of them either.. But now to jump horses and pick one of those republicans who really built their entire program on killing obama no don't do that America

Republicans and democrats need to work together finally instead of playing each other all the time.

Give Obama some more time in those terrible terrible times. He is still the right man for your country!
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