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Randy GNP
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No particular order

Dana White
Frank Fertita
Lorenzo Fertita
Rorion Gracie
Royce Gracie
Bas Rutten
Dan Severn
Bruce Lee
Ken Shamrock

As, far as bruce lee goes... he was one of the few people back in the day that mixed styles. Not only that, the fact that he was an actor and had alot of fans meant every one heard about Jeet Kune Do. So even if he didn't INVENT MMA he let people know about the importance of mixing martial arts (in america) and set the stage for the success of organizatons like the UFC.

Tito Ortiz... are you kidding? No offense but the guys was a little punk with out any real skills. He can wrestle a little, and he was an agressive puncher. That's all. The only reason he was so successful is because for some reason people like fighters who talk shit.

By the way. Good job Big Randy. I wrote like a fifteen page paper on MMA for a sociology course and your post was a very condensed version of that. All though those were all early forms of MMA competition the most influential figures in MODERN MMA were different. See, despite all of those competitions and such MMA never really became popular. For instance, even though it became clear that wrestlers beat boxers, boxing remained much more popular in America. I think my ten are responsible for spreading MMA in the world, more specificly the western world, and even more specificly America. And Amercia has been a womb for MMA's growth since the formation of the UFC. it is now becoming a mainstream sport.
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