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I Think that the two guys who pose the biggest threat to GSP's title right now are Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz.

They both are very quick and have good boxing and High level Jiu Jitsu.

Even if GSP got the fight to the ground against Condit , As we saw against DY Kim he can Sweep in a number of ways, and he has superb submissions off his back.

Diaz IMO has even better submissions and a much better guard

(DIAZ VS SANCHEZ) just as a reference.

If the fight stays on the feet then Diaz and Condit Neutralize GSP's Speed because they are just as quick , they neutralize the Jab of GSP because they have similar reach and footwork.

this sounds a bit like GSP vs PENN right?

wrong , In the Penn fights GSP had much better cardio and got Penn Gassed , but he didn't avoid all of Penn's Signifigant Strikes, and all round game.

He can't do that against Diaz , who i consider to have the best Cardio in MMA P4P (he competes in Triathalons during Training)

also , Diaz can take a huge ammount of punishment , as we've seen before , in the paul daley anyone? and come back just as hard in no time.

One of the biggest things in this fight that makes Diaz such a threat is that he isn't coming into this fight defeated mentally before the fight has even started.

He's Confident, GSP is Mad.

It's Gonna Be a War and i think Diaz will Provide a Superbowl Weekend Upset
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