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I think it is all planned. UFC brass recognized GSP vs. Diaz was better off happening Superbowl weekend. They make more money that way because it's a fight they can hype as the unification of two welterweight championship belts and what better place to do it than on your newest business partner who happens to a National TV Network? FOX Sports.

Even, if they go the PPV route instead of FOX it still makes perfect sense.

When Diaz missed the press conferences the first time around, I was shocked that Dana didn't fire him. But, I think they had bigger plans. Besides, they still have to Unify the Welterweight division and when Diaz put a beating on BJ last night, the opportunity to sell the Unification Fight was once again in play. Only better now because of the way the fight with BJ Penn went down last night. Who can blame Dana for taking advantage of the situation at hand?

But let's be honest. We got the carefree BJ Penn last night. He is one talented fighter but he loves training for fights as much Rampage does, which in case you haven't been paying attention, means he hates training - lol. BJ left his training camp right in the middle for this fight for 10 days to go back to Hawaii and discover his connection with his homeland. In other words, once again, BJ was being Lazy! What ever happened to BJ training like he did for Kenny Florian fight? BJ wasn't ready for Diaz, no doubt about it.

So now GSP is pissed at Diaz dis-respecting him with his post fight comments and we get a classic fight ahead. Good guy vs. bad guy. Hmmmm - Smell's like Dana's handy-work to me. It's as if I can already hear the Joe Rogan and Dana White video's selling this fight. Ha!

But, Diaz isn't fighting the lazy version of BJ this time. And to suggest that Diaz has a mental edge in this fight? Are you serious? GSP has fought in one big fight after another on the largest stage in the world, always against a guy being touted as a tougher match-up than the guy before him and he has handled it all with class and professionalism, all while rarely even losing a round. Nick Diaz didn't show-up for two press conferences. He didn't show alot of mental toughness then, did he? Sure, he's nuts and he works very hard and I will even agree that he is a skilled fighter, but please don't try to suggest that he has the edge in mental toughness or anywhere else in this fight.

Like he always does, GSP will control where the fight takes place. And he is already in Nick's head.

Be afraid homey, be very afraid.
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