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"What makes the big bang so interesting is that is represents the origin of the universe from literally nothing. For all matter and energy, space and time all came in to being at the big bang."

This is simply wrong. All of the matter/energy that exists now already existed at the big bang, compressed to a singularity as small as a Plank Unit. This is the size where Newtonian physics breaks down and Quantum physics becomes the rule, and our understanding of Quantum physics is still in it's infancy, hence our relative confusion at what took place before the big bang. The Universe having always existed before this is no less plausable than the Universe having a definite beginning. One hypothesis that I find plausible is that the total matter/energy in the Universe is exactly the amount necessary to make a super black hole go big bang, and the Universe has been through a cycle of "big bang, big crunch" for an indeterminate amount of "time" Time is in quotations as time itself is a function of space, and with all the space contracted, the term loses meaning.

" If God doesn't exist, than objective moral values Also don't exist. By objective moral values I mean moral values which are valid and binding whether we believe in them or not."

Ethics is based objectively upon the relative well being and suffering that our actions affect in others. By divorcing morality from this paradigm in proclaiming in Leviticus that homosexuality is immoral and slavery is acceptable, the bible proves itself the morally bankrupt.
The religious view will appeal to the afterlife to justify its impact upon relative well being and suffering, but the fact is that the brain is the only known conduit of conciousness. After the brain is dead, there is no conciousness. After parts of the brain are dead, conciousness is utterly altered. This shows that the soul is imaginary, and thus the afterlife.
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