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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
Presidential voting does not matter in the U.S., the only proof anyone should need is to look at the 2000 election. Popular vote doesnt mean anything. We use an outdated system in the electoral college and a two party system does nothing but create stupid, blindly faithful voters.
Certainly our system is flawed and in 2000 I felt like it failed us but, in a way it didn't. The peaceful transition of power is incredibly important and completely taken for granted in the U.S. If you know of a better system being used I would like to learn about it.

Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
People don't vote because they run nothing but losers. I'm supposed to accept the fact that I should vote for the lesser of two evils. That worked so well with Obama/Cain. I voted for Obama because I didn't want 4 more years of George Bush Jr and Dick Cheney idiotic rule. In the end, Obama talked a good game but in the long run did nothing to fix up the mess that was created by Bush. This country is worse of now then it was 4 years ago and their is no sign of it getting better. I'm sick of encouraging these incompetent assholes whose only sole purpose in life is to take care of the super rich. I'm done.
It's a chicken and egg thing. the way to have better candidates is for more people to be involved in the process. Why let just a few people pick the candidates? Then you get the candidates who are best for those few.

Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
vote for herman cain
I just might...

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I never registered to vote for this reason.

It doesn't really matter who you vote into office anyways, given that a very large portion of laws/bills that get passes are decided not by our government, not by the ones we vote in, but by lobbyists for big corporations.

The Protect IP act is a great example of this.

It's all just a game and I never signed up to play.
...and that's fine. just realize that you have no right to complain about the score.

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