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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
B1: I know you don't and you aren't the only one on the forum with that gift.

B2: If you were in Florida in 2000 you could have changed the world.

Everything between the bolded parts is over my head and makes no sense to me at all.
It's pretty simple.

You get drunk, get in a car and hit a kid. You have no right to complain about going to jail, you are responsible for the whole thing. No one forced you to get in the car, or even drink for that matter. It's your fault, you have no right to complain when you go to jail, you took part in an act/made a decision that hit the kid.

The kid and his family, however, have every right to complain, because they are suffering the fallout from your mistake, your bad decision, and they were not responsible for you getting drunk, getting in a car, and hitting the kid.

If you are the cause of an issue (voting in someone who ruined the country) then you have no right to complain, it's your fault, you took part in an act that helped ruin the country - you, just like the drunk driver, have no right to complain

I, on the other hand, was not responsible for your decision to vote someone who ruined the country into office, I took no part of it, I am suffering the fallout of your bad decisions, thus I have the right to complain - much like the kid you hit with your car and his family.

I can't make it anymore clear than that.
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