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Night 1
1 Pill
Placebo Effect: I started seeing tracers which is from my younger druggie days, now if i take anything that is supposed to effect my mind, My mind automatically goes back to hard drugs and tracers, yes this only applies to me but im still writing it in my log

Actual: not much effect starting out accept my brain felt a little less foggy, had a Great night sleep - no dreams

Day 2
1 Pill
Placebo Effect: None

Actual: brain allot less foggy, concentration increased a little, started talking more.

1 Pill before ufc PPV
Actual: major focus and concentration, ended up picking up a piece of paper in my messy room while i was watching the fights, was really into the fights and did not even really notice what i was doing tell i ad it finished but i spotlessly cleaned my room and rearranged it (i mean like army style clean)

seriously dont start something unless you want to finis it

Night 2
1 Pill
Actual: Great night sleep, no dreams, woke up very well rested like i have not done in years

Day 3
Morning 1 pill night 2 pills

focused during the day wit allot of energy, did really well at put put golf lol, enjoyed everything more for everything was crisp, clear and focused, night ad trouble sleeping but once i did i slept really Hard

Day 4
took one in the morning before work, really bad idea when you work sitting in a cubical taking calls. i wanted to talk allot and my filter was thinner then usual. was really not wanting to sit there and not do anything

and that is where i am

All in all no dreams as of yet but just started

increased focus and less mind fog, majorly better sleeping. almost to much concentration

will no longer be taking pills in weekday mornings before work but will continue to take them at night and both morning and night on the weekends

these are my logs and how they have effected me

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