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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
Oh I know, that's what you critzed remember?

Do you want a change, or do you wanna keep it?

Not saying that our system of election is superior in any way, not AT ALL!! But at least it gives you a couple more options to choose your dicator

I actually believe that Switzerland is a front runner to be honest.
Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I wouldn't say that Bob. Switzerland houses some of the most horrible people and companies on the planet. Its also a tax haven. These alone are the reasons why Switzerland *seems* so stable. Nobody will f*uck with the people that live there. But make no mistake, these nasty capitalists that we know you hate so much? The kind that only want to become richer and dont give a shit about the rest of the world?? Well, there are a LOT of them based in Switzerland. It is one of the worlds capitalist power bases.

As for the topic of the thread? Ive got no idea!
Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
Dunno what you guys are talking about, but we were talking about its election system and in that aspect Switzerland is a front runner in my eyes because of its Direct Democracy. You guys are talking about something completely different.
bobby has a point. direct democracy is an alternative to our system but, I disagree that it is better. With direct democracy you are depending on the dumb masses(say it quickly for proper effect) to vote on sometimes very complicated issues. I prefer to elect representatives whose judgement I trust and whose job it is to know more about those issues than I have time to learn.

Ps. Nice job Bob. that's one down and eleven more to go

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